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P. laueana hybrid seed grown (Michael $3)


What is and what should never be
Up for action is one (1) seed grown P. laueana hybrid. I made the cross myself, but didn't keep good notes. I'm not sure what it is crossed with. It is possible it could be selfed as well. Regardless of what it appears to be, please call it "P. laueana hybrid". At flowering age, it may be possible to determine if it is solely P. laueana or a hybrid. I will include one of the largest pictured. Please note that some are dormant/semi-dormant due to the cooler winter temperatures.


Bidding starts at $2.00

Buyer pays Priority shipping. Shipping will be $6.00. I will combine shipping on multiple auction wins.

USA only.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via PM or email me at whisperingwinds (at) gmail.com
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Have made special shipping arrangements due to weather. Will delay for a week or two.
Shipping 4.29.13. Please see email for shipping confirmation and tracking.
Tracking information says delivered on 5.2.13. No news is good news I hope.