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Our newest family memeber

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
here are some update pictures for those following Shata's growth.

Shasta is a little orphan kitten we found wandering about the front yard, chilled, dehydrated, and nearly starving. It has been an interesting month, so far.

First find. One day old:


At two weeks:


This morning, at one month. I just gave her her first taste of canned food. Hey, Mikey, I think she likes it!



oh geez.. I know that look (last pic). Looks like quite the little hellion.
Excellent rescue, is it really even old enough to be away from it's mother? I see you feeding milk so I assume not. I hate to imagine what must have happened to mom and the others.
We think we know who the mom is, and suspect that this is her first "litter", and didn't know what to do, so she left. It could also have been an interrupted litter move, and we all know that cats can't count very well. Shasta was a day old, two, max, when we found her.
WOW! Amazing job then!


nice job with the kitten rescue! a friend of mine has a cat who was actually born in his garage! they found her, her mom and her...unlucky sibling....:-( in a corner of their garage and decided to care for her. now, Alexis, as they named her, is very happy in her new home (and she is a complete frisky little spazz, lol!) your rescue seems to be loving her new home too! did i mention how cute she is?:lol:
Not much of a cat fan, but kittens are sooooo cute! I hope she does okay with you!
OMG, totally awesome cuteness!! Kudos for taking her in and saving her life.
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Indeed, great rescue. Thank you for making the effort to save her.