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one 2 inch pot of Drosera falconeri (afrodisa $22)

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You are bidding on: one 2 inch pot of Drosera falconeri. The plant pictured will be selected and bare rooted and sent to the winner. These are plants that I have cloned via leaf cuttings from mother plants that are of the AG3 clone. These sundews need LL conditions. High temperatures (90 F) and high humidity are requiring for them to do well. Please do your homework before placing bids.


U.S. only please, winner pays shipping (estimated $5.15 USPS Small Flat Rate Box, PM me to get my paypal for shipping), winners of my auctions can combine shipping on multiple auctions pf items of similar size (other sundews, Pinguicula, Utricularia, etc) Bidding starts at $5
Pmed winner, regarding postage and shipping today. 4/15/2013
The NASC has received payment for this item so you are clear to ship! Thanks for supporting the conservancy :)
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Shipping: 4/22/2013. winner sent tracking/confirmation number via e-mail
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Plants arrived today in god shape.
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Plants arrived today in god shape.

Excellent! Thanks for the notification; with that we'll close out this auction thread as complete. Cheers!
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