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Odd Stylidiums

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Here is a couple of Stylidiums found late in summer in the southern swamps

S. nymphaeum

S. laciniatum


Both are climbing plants able to reach heights in excess of 2 metres.
Wow... I like the ruffeled edges! Nice photography!
Just made a couple stylidium bogs yesterday.. nice to see others that take interest in this species of plant as well.
Southern part of where, if you don't mind me asking?
Down Under!.......and not KiWi
'Vegamite sandwich'
For you uncouth foreigners from the other end of earth it's spelt "Vegemite"
Did you do any good with that seed Jim
I know im late but.. WoW
i am interested in growing stylidium because s. debile grows so well, and even over winters here in my zone 7
that S. laciniatum sure is neat.