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Not sure what this is

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Looks similar to a Pothos but does not vine.

The leaves seem to rounded to be a pothos, perhaps a member of the cordylines?
It looks like a tropical rainforest plant as opposed to a woodland or temperate forest
Looks like a Peperomia, maybe Peperomia obtusifolia.
Looks like a variegated Peperomia obtusifolia.
Clue and Cth are correct. Pretty easy plant to care for.
Thanks :) I had heard of Peperomia before. It's a very nice looking plant, I really like it a lot. Went next ti my pothos in a bright north window.
I agree, Pepperomia obtusifolia is most likely, but P. magnolifolia is very similar and quite common in cultivation. I've never been able to distinguish between the two.
Well looked at both. Hard to tell for sure. Could be either. Perhaps there is a subtle difference in leaf shape or color that we aren't seeing.
This is taken from Floridata: "Early Florida botanists confused this species [obtusifolia] with spatulate peperomia (Peperomia magnoliifolia), which usually grows as an epiphyte high in the branches of live oak trees in upland tropical hardwood forests. (Under a magnifying glass, that species can be distinguished by fruits beaked at the middle, rather than at the ends, and hairless stems at the base of the flower spikes.)"

I guess you have to get it to fruit to tell for sure!
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Well, hopefully I can get some... but am not hopeful. We'll see though.