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No flower 1 yr after flowering

Hi all,

This is my second season with Sarrs and I am very glad I successfully brought them through dormancy. Just one question, the Judith Hindle that came shipped to me with a flower stalk last season has shown no signs of blooming and has sent up a few nice pitchers already, including from a second growth point.

Could it be the second growth point is leeching energy that would be used to produce a blossom? In general, flowers come before pitchers, right? Is it reasonable to expect a plant that has bloomed to do so every year thereafter?
Sometimes Sarracenias don't flower during certain years if they're shipped while dormant...etc.
It's somewhat common for them to skip a year once in a while. Also, 'Judith Hindle' is a very late bloomer for me, probably the last one to flower ever year. Could be it just hasn't gotten around to it yet.
I frequently have plants that will "skip" a season, for whatever reason; not only Sarracenia but Cephalotus and Heliamphora as well . . .
My flava's both skipped flowering this year. One of them looks like it formed a bud but never came out of the crown.
Hi Byuboy29

Something I have noticed in the past is that plants shipped dry root with flowers often dont flower in their second year. Perhaps they feel the requirement to divide after flowering and setting seed, I dont know but I have observed this.

Thanks, everyone, for your observations. I had assumed that once a plant was mature enough to flower it would do so each year. It is encouraging that my lack of flowers this year doesn't necessarily indicate a problem.
When I first got my Judith (2) they had a flower stalk, then did not flower for 2 years. This year they have already sent up flower stalks. I find sarrs sometimes don't flower for a year or two after being divided or shipped/transplanted. My established sarrs in the bogs flower every year for me and I have not had any skip a year unless there is root damage of some kind such as crane fly larva or other soil pests or sometimes if I move them. Winter temps may also play a role when grown in pots because in the beginning I had all my sarrs in pots and they did not flower until I started protecting the pots from hard winter freezes by putting them on the ground next to the house and putting straw over them. Now we are getting much milder winters here so not a problem.