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Nice colouration from seed grown Cephalotus.

Here's a picture I took of one of my better coloured seed grown Cephalotus:

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sir, that is a thing of true beauty! thanks for sharing that photo! awesome plant. is it related to the well-known eden black?
very nice.
I have a couple typical clones showing the same coloration..
It came from a batch of seeds taken from a typical a few years back. Not sure if it's selfed or a cross, as I had a named clone flowering at the same time, but I don't own an Eden Black, so that rules that out.
Beautiful plant!

Cephalotus "Black Pudding" anyone?
Beautiful plant w/ incredible color! :hail:

Three questions:
- do the seeds have any special heritage?
- is there a significant difference in color among siblings? If so, that would be interesting to show as an example of genetic variability (as long as all are under same conditions).
- how old?

Thanks for sharing.
No heritage that I know of, though slim possibility it could be a cross with a named clone. I didn't pot many of the seedlings and of the ones I did most of them were used for growing medium experiments, which many didn't survive. This is the only one that was transferred to my Cephalotus display tank.
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Nice job mobile ! I hope my cephs will be like that !
Truly amazing!