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New Unknown Sarracenia


BS Bulldozer
I just picked this plant up at a local nursery, labeled as Sarracenia "Stephensii". A bit of Googling tuned up nothing on it, but I have figured out it was likely supposed to be Sarracenia "Stevensii". Which it is not! Stevensii is a flava x purp, and the main reason I bought this one was because the flower had a wonderful fragrance. That along with the pitchers leads me to believe there's some rubra in there somewhere! In any case I like it, and here it is (hopefully!): [url]http://cpforums.org/gallery/v/SubRosa/ss.jpg.html?g2_imageViewsIndex=1[/url] [img]
No it isn't!!!!
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S.x "Stevensii" is actually rubra gulfensis x leucophylla not flava x purpurea which is S. x catebaei. Your plant looks like other x stevensii that I've seen.
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Oh good to know Johnny. I knew that rubra had to in there somewhere. Thanks!