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New Sundew Species!


Hey guys I found this while digging through teh internet today. Its a new species of sundew:

It was originally thought to be D. indica variant has been proven to be a new species.

Also the main article (click here to check it out) totaly messed up. They write:

"The pitcher plant with purple-red flowers was initially believed to be a variant of the white-flowered Drosera indica, designated as an endangered species by the Environment Ministry."

Does that look like a pitcher plant to you? :headwall:

Go read the rest of the article though, its semi-interesting!

My drosera indica have pink flowers and look just like the one pictured to my untrained eye, although the flower is maybe a little lighter pink on mine. Can anyone tell me what other differences I am missing?
need more new nep species :p
need more new nep species :p

They need to find a super hidden eden of neps somewhere in the Philippines and share them with everyone. :lol: