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new sundew home

So im in the process of building a sundew home. It's inner dimensions are 15.5 inches deep, 43 inches long, and 7 inches high. I have it lined with polished white vynil, ( like bathtub material) and covered with 1/8 inch clear plastic to keep in humidity. My main question is for lighting i have (2) 48" Fluorescent bulbs with the specs of 2250 lumens, 40 watts, and a kelvin temp of 5000 each. i'm also using (2) 18" Fluorescent bulbs with the specs of 700, kevin temp of 6500, and wattage of 15 each.

So do you guys think this will be enough light for roughly 6 square feet.
5900 lumens
the kelvin temps 36 inches of 6500 and 96 inches of 5000
110 watts combined
The lighting is going to be suspended about 5 inches from the plants also.
Thanks guys
your sundews should do very well, especially the more accessible ones.

as you move on to more specific groups, you will learn that each group has their own sets of perimeters such as temperature, dryness, and humidity---but that's all for another day.
Speaking of "more specific groups", what kind of sundews are we talking about here?
I would replace the 18" lights with another set of 48" tubes - 4x 48" tubes total. Otherwise you'll have to move the pots closer to the 18" lights. It should be adequate for most Drosera. If you are intent on growing tropical Drosera you have to do something about temperatures and humidity.