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New plants, from an anonymous Eastern European CP vendor.

Name rhymes with "Pest Omnivorous Pants"

Plants from them are awesome... Really good quality stuff, and lots to!




H. heterodoxa, the single "portion" I purchased contained ten plants!

H. minor, had two plants:


B. reducta, freebie!

veitchii x talangensis:

P. crystal

P. emarginata

D. rorimae!

D. gramnifolia

D. ultramaffiiccaaaaa! YAY!

D. campy!

rest of the heterodoxa

Flavaaavaaaaa! Freebie also!

So what did I think? Best $300 I have ever spent!
Wow the Heli's look great! Money well spent
Yes, I would say all of those were definetly worth the $300. Awesome plants! That vendor must be really nice to give you those freebies. :)
like i said before, remember to bag your plants, especially the neps, heliamphora, and drosera. i can already see from your photos your helis are starting to shrivel up.

best of luck and happy growing! :-D
Yep, bagged and sprayed them! Keeping the Neps out, but will bag immediately if I notice any signs of floppyness... I potted them outside, so they got a bit of sun on them, might have been a bit of a shock...

@TOG: This vendor uses a system, where 15 percent of your order total, can be used to get plants off a list of "Bonus plants" very good system if you ask me... I think I had something like 20 dollars of bonus money this time.

And seriously, the amount of plants the guy sends per portion, is crazy... The flava was supposed to be a single plant, but I got three. I got about 100 D. rorimae, five D. gramnifolia, and five D. campy... Crazyness! I will have plenty left over to trade!
DUDE, what's up with that fingernail??
When I was four, a grill from one of those public use hibatchi in parks, fell on it, and generally messed crap up...
Very nice plants!!!

My dad's ring finger kind of looks like that, but it's from a table saw accident a few months ago.
Nice haul! I think I'm going to place another order with them shortly, its pretty amazing that even after 10 days in the mail my roraimae still had dew on it.
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Can you pm me the name of the place where you got your new plants from?
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I thought we were allowed to say foreign vendor names, or am I mistaken?
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Reviews, negative or positive are prohibited... So I can't say the name.
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Sorry, Peat, I had to ask. I thought it may have been ripped off or something.
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Glad you're happy with the order! I hope everyone else recieved their plants soon. I still haven't had time to make new soil for mine...

Looking forward to updates. :-D
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How was the import process? Did you have to apply for permits or was it all handled by the vendor? How long was it from the time you placed your order until you had the plants in hand? I've been thinking about ordering from them but have never dealt with imports other than seed.
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@Tony, ask Devon, and it won't apply because we are in Canada anyways...

@mato, no problem, I get asked all the time.