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New Plant For The Grow Rack


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Ooh! Does it eat bugs? How much light does it need? Does it require pure water? What do I plant it in? Where do I get one? Can you send me some of its seeds?

Mine eats bugs, and it's very picky about its water.
Does it need fertilizer? Does it get sunburned easily? What species is it? Does it move? Is it poisonous? Where does it come from? Is it a cultivar? How large does it grow? Does it climb a trellis or other things? Does it need high humidity? Does it go dormant? What kind of traps does it have? Is it male, female, or both? Does it need insects to be pollinated? How much seed does it make? When does it flower? How many times does it flower? Does it ever divide? Does it make plantlets?
Kittyenthes? Kittyophylla? Kittyfolia? Kittyamphora? Whatever it is, I want a rooted tail cutting :lol:
Hehe uber rare form of catesbaei? :D
Are you people blind?? It's not a carnivorous plant - it's an orchid!!! A fine mature specimen of CAT A LAY A :>} Not sure of the variety but it maybe a TIGRINA. It appears well grown and cared for.
One of mine is Ninja a variety - she sneaks in mangles anything with a leaf and slips out without detection until after the fact.
LOL! Cattelaya....
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Can you send me a picture of its flowers? How big are its blooms? Is it an angiosperm at all? Is it a gymnosperm? What do its leaves look like? Does it have roots or tubers?

Afrodisa, what do you mean it's not carnivorous? It's not a Cattelaya, it's a Catopsis! A fine specimen of a carnivorous bromeliad.
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is this still supposed to be funny? :awesome:

i laughed at the OP but that was where it ended