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New Member, Starting terrarium fairy garden with daughter to interest her in plants

Only CP is a flytrap that I bought her. I have never been a fan of plants until my grandma passed and I inherited her houseplants...now I've got them everywhere.

I like the biological side of plants. I like learning native habitat so that I can match in vitro habitat to the plant.

My daughter enjoys them, but is only five, so we are doing a fairy garden so that I can learn appropriate techniques for moist soil appropriate ventilation terrarium...a bog is basically the same thing with water.

My first introduction to the CP world was when I was a kid in a cedar swamp by my family cottage. I found a bunch of sarracenia and really didn't know what it was until I looked inside and saw a bunch of dead insects. Since, I've always been interested...they've always been my favorite plants in conservatory's and botanical gardens.

I am a metalsmith / fabricator / machinist / inventor / engineer / automation / artist. Basically, I can make anything. I am also an experienced chemist and veterinary technician.

Looking forward to learning...especially on the tissue culture side, in time.
Welcome to TF! :welcome:
Sounds like you've got a really interesting project on your hands!
I think it's really great that your daughter's so interested - today's curious minds are the next generation's researchers and conservationists.

If I might suggest something for the fairy garden, Utricularia are pretty often overlooked in favor of things like Drosera and so on, but most are quite easy to grow, and do way better in sealed enclosures than many other CPs. They also tend to have very nice flowers.