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BS Bulldozer
Hi! I'm a newcomer here, and a relative newcomer to CPs. Because of space limitations, grandkids and animals I don't do any indoor growing but in the last couple of seasons I've been trying to slowly redo my property with plants indigenous to the area. Last spring I took a half of a poly barrel and put a few inches of crushed stone on the bottom, installed a piece of 1.5"pvc as a stand pipe and filled it with a 50/50 mix of peat moss and sand. A couple buckets of RO water and I had a bog! I stocked it with a Venus Fly Trap and a few Sarracenias of box store origin, and some live moss that had seedlings of D. rotundifolia growing in it, along with a few Cranberries. Things went well, and towards the end of the summer I stopped by Meadowview on my way to the Outer Banks and pcked up some really nice Sarracenias, along with a bunch of other bog plants. This necessitated a second barrel of course! I figured on keeping the barrels outside all winter and that's what I did. We had a pretty cold winter here, including a rare week where temps never hit freezing. And to top it off it was also a bit dry, at least until the very end of winter. Everything came through like a champ! The VFT ate a bug the other day with a trap that survived the winter and is growing a bunch of new ones, one of the box store Purple Pitchers has a flower bud, and the Sarracenia "Lemon" that I got from Phil has 5 flowers on the way! Anyway I look forward to learning from you guys, and hope I can help out a bit on the way. I setup and maintain aquaria for a living, and have worked with most of the critters even the most unique among us keep!
I know what a hard winter is ! I live in Canada lol

Welcome to TF :)
Thanks! I spent a winter in a cabin with no plumbing near Jay VT one winter, so I know that it really doesn't even get cold around here!
Welcome!! I am in the Lehigh Valley area. I have also ordered from Phil before. His plants are very hardy, but I did almost lose one of his last winter. Our winters are a little harsh to keep them out all winter sometimes without mulch or protection. I moved mine in the garage this winter when it got real cold and now all of my plants are happy and flowering. Good luck and happy growing!!
Welcome to TF. I used to participate with SEPACPS, when I was living in Wyomissing, near Reading.