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New Life On Grow Rack


Tropical Fish Enthusiast








Nice plants Jim! Be careful though, soon that binata wont just be eating bugs ;)
Lookin good Jim. Gotta love spring time!
Holy moley!!! Look at that beast of a binata! Look out bugs that thing looks hungry! Is that a fancy sarr hybrid? Nicely grown Jim, thanks for posting.
Nice Plants! That Binata is Ginormous!
I hope my P. moctezumea blooms soon. It's one of my favorite mexican pings.
Awesome looking plants!
You will soon need a shelf dedicated to that binata!
Jeez. And I thought my Marston Dragon was out of control... I actually stopped feeding mine for about two months because it was literally drippings over the pot and touching the bottom of my terrarium. Not to mention shooting out flower stalks every other day.

Nice looking plants! I have been wanting to set up a multi-climate rack myself but am not ready for that yet. Have details and supplies to work out first, hehe.
The binata was a gift from Brie, a few months ago. I did have to move it back because while growing under artificial lighting, it's also in front of the south-facing glass doors to the porch. Hence it was reaching for the real sunlight... and inadvertently getting clipped by the vertical slats that are open by day and closed by night.

The Sarracenia is a gift from another hobbyist, fresh out of dormancy. I am waiting until winter goes away (April 8th) before transitioning it to the porch.