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New Drosera species

"The pitcher plant with purple-red flowers was initially believed to be a variant of the white-flowered Drosera indica, designated as an endangered species by the Environment Ministry."

yeah. supposed to be "sundew"
Looks like one of the pink flowered Drosera indica varieties to me. Perhaps a hobbyist introduced it?
@JRF: well, from the article, it states that this plant was originally thought to be a pink flowered form of D. indica until actual genetic testing proved the plant to be significantly different from indica altogether. for those that have this pink flowered form, it's not far-fetched to say that they actually have a new species of drosera. maybe the plant should be re-labeled as Drosera sp. "pink indica" for the time being before it is given formal nomenclature to reduce potential confusion during trades.
There's no telling what variety of pink flowered indica it is by the photos provided but I made a comparison between "green form" and a white flowered variety a while back.

White flower

Pink flower/green form

White flower seeds

Pink flower/green form seeds