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New Additions: Sauromatum venosum & Globba winitii


NECPS Editor
Hey all,

Just obtained some new plants and although there are some decent guides online, info I was able to obtain seems pretty sparse. Was wondering if anybody here grows either of the 2 species and what kind of care you provide.

Sauromatum venosum (a.k.a. Typhonium venosum), a type of Voodoo Lily. I have 2 small bulbs each slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball.

Globba winitii (a.k.a. Dancing Ladies Ginger)


I grow Sauromatum venosum. I just unceremoniously put the corms in the ground. They come up every year and flower about every other year.
Which zone are you in? They don't get wrecked from the freezing temps? I'm in zone 5 and worry they'll get frozen to death.