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Nepenthes x Ventrata Cuttings

Nov 4, 2015
This is my first thread I've posted here so bear with me.

I've recently gotten into growing carnivorous plants and I started with the tried and true ventrata. From my single plant I've taken two cuttings with about 8 nodes on them each. They've been in an aeroponic propagator for about a month now to keep them in a humid environment. I'm supplementing the lighting from a nearby window with a compact fluorescent bulb outside of the humidity dome. Pictures of the plants and setup can be posted on request.

My question to you all is in regards to one of the cuttings. In the last 2 days or so, the bottom leaf of one of the cuttings began to yellow and is now slowly dying. Upon checking the buried nodes for root growth, similar yellowing was observed. Is this evidence that the cutting has failed? If so, how can I try and save it?
Nov 23, 2014
Chicago, IL
In my experience (which isnt much, 5-8 cuttings) Sometimes a leaf or two dye off. I was on vacation for 6 weeks and I had my roommate water my plants. He forgot, or I forgot to mention, the cuttings that were taking root. When I got back they were dried out almost completely, and the water that was left in the vessel was full of algae and just nasty. I washed the tiny roots off with regular tap water, and changed the water to fresh RO water. They bounced back just fine. I wouldnt worry. That plant is a tank.