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Nepenthes Viking x rafflesiana female looking for male


I found the tag on this plant, finally. It's blooming again.
It looks like I was successful in the first pollination. :banana2:

Does anyone have any pollen?
I have N. 'Miranda' pollen currently, and will have N. x mixta pollen within about a week or so.
By the way, I believe it was you I sent some ventricosa pollen to, for a sib. x raff. or similar cross. Did that ever succeed?
Yes, it was me! See the seeds? I found the tag on this plant. I will send them when they are ready. I'd love to try the N. x mixta and 'Miranda'!
Oh, that's right, got names mixed up. Good to see it seems to have worked. Once I've got some pollen from both plants, I'll send some of each to you (I've still got the address), and we can see which is the more successful pollen parent.
Sounds great!
Sent a notice on the other forum too, but I'll have both the N. 'Miranda' and N. x mixta pollen out tomorrow.
I have thorelii x aristolochioides pollen right now, and maxima dark x talangensis pollen in a week or so.
Got it hcarlton! Okay if I use some on my truncata hybrid if it's a female?
It's yours to do as you wish now. I think either of those crossed with a truncata or hybrid would be really cool.
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Great, I'll share with you!