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Nepenthes terrarium for the beginner

Hey, some questions for those seasoned Nepenthes growers out there. I recently purchased my first two plants (N. "miranda" and N. ventrata, as best as I can tell). Both fairly small plants and about 3-4 inches height. Both are a little bit yellow, but I suspect that might have come from a combination of low light, inadequate feeding, and/or possibly some exposure to tap water.

So I typically see that people plant their Nepenthes in hanging pots. Even many of the terrarium examples, I've seen plants slightly raised above substrate level. I built a 12" cube, sliding glass front with a 4" open strip at the top. I have two full-spectrum coil fluorescent bulbs on the, from different angles. The two plants were small enough to plant together in the same terrarium. I have about 1" of hydroton pellets at the bottom for drainage with a mixture of long fiber sphagnum and peat moss on top. I remove most of the substrate that originally came with the plants. As long as I'm not seeing the substrate becoming too wet or too dry, is there any worry for the way I've set it up? I don't have equipment to monitor humidity, but I spray at least once daily with rainwater. Temperatures are around 70-75 during the day and maybe down to 65-68 at night.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Hi. Welcome to the forums.

Your set up sounds just fine. I would also like to remind you that the two Nepenthes you are currently growing are considered some of the most vigorous and easy to grow of all Nepenthes. A terrarium will not be necessary to grow them, but it may certainly help keep them big and grow faster. It will only be a matter of time before these two hybrids rapidly out-grow your terrarium, though, assuming you are watering them correctly.
Thank you very much! I realized that these are two that are known to be hardy (part of the reason why I decided to go for them). It just so happens I had some glass to cut up that fit a 12" cube, I was certainly not expecting these two to remain that size for long. My primary concerns were 1) the yellowish color of the leaves and 2) the lack of raised pots for the plants and their roots.

I need to start taking weekly photos so I can get a better idea of the progress they're making. I hope to eventually salvage more terrarium glass to build larger display terraria for the separate plants, suitable for them once they grow to a larger size.
I'd just like to re-assure you that, as long as they are getting their watering and light requirements, these plants will take off in no time. They may need a few weeks or months of acclimation though. but someday they will just grow all by themselves without much care.