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Nepenthes "Sabre"


Just got a Nepenthes "Sabre", the person I got it from doesnt know which clone it is. Any ideas?









Pitcher dwarfs even my veitchi
No idea, but nice plant!
Is it one of the EP release xSabres that come with labels A-C, or someone else's crossbreed attempt?
No idea, but that's one wicked looking plant.
Can't wait for mine to get that size.. again.
No clue, the person I got them from said he got them from someone as cuttings.. thats all he knows.
What a beautiful specimen! To think it is hard to get, you never cease to amaze me heli.

Try asking Geoff Mansell in his the "ask geoff mansell" thread on PP, he should be able to identify it.
WOW!! Okay, I have no clue whats in the cross because I'm not familiar with it. I'm going to say lowii x trusmadiensis, amiright? :-D

Looks amazing. :drool:
thanks everyone! Thats a good idea carn, will do.

Pine: ventricosa x x trusmadiensis
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Trusmadiensis makes everything better.
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No idea, but nice!!! Pine, lowii X X TM sounds like a really nice cross to make... hopefully they'll make it soon ;)
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Lowii x TM is also known as xTM
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Because a hybrid is a combination of certain plants, for xTM it's any combination of macro and lowii. Anyone please correct me if I am mistaken.
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if it were lowii X TM then wouldn't it be lowii X ( lowii X macrophylla)? Im talking about crossing a lowii with trusmadiensis (lowii X macrophylla) :).
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It would still be a TM Lance... Because the parents are still the same... Just a backcross...
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What Peat said.