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Nepenthes Quiz

Ok, here is one of my Nepenthes. BTW- I KNOW THE NAME  

But do YOU know what kind it is?

OO OOO I like these! Thanks for posting it. Have one to post too but lets do this one first. I will hold my guess till later tonight.
Looks a lot like a Maxima to me, but I'm sure this is a trick question
It looks like a nepenthes maxima I have one but with upper pitchers only.or nepenthes x mixta,or possibly fusca.this is going far, but maybe nepenthes thorelli x (x wittei) this is really far off.....N. x rokko...I'm going with the first three
it looks like species #6
my guess it is a maxima(highland)
You people are not even close
, maybe you should go in a different direction.

But you are right, it looks a bit like maxima
Probably N. boschiana, possibly N. faizaliana. It's hard to be certain from the
photo since the operculum is not shown clearly, and one cannot tell if the plant
is glabrous. If this is the case, then it is boschiana.
Yep some features that are hard to tell. I am going to say N. eymae since it is very much like N. maxima and we have been told that it is not N. maxima. Doesn't appear as best I can tell to be glabrous and it doesn't look like any of the N. faizaliana I have. This is of course assuming it's a species.

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You're right, Tony. N. eymae is also a possibility, and one I'd forgotten about. If
we could see the forward edge of the operculum, then I think we'd know for sure.
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what do glabrous and operculum refer to?


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My guess is N. x mixta.

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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">You people are not even close , maybe you should go in a different direction.

But you are right, it looks a bit like maxima [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

I KNEW it was a trick question. ppppppppppppp
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Ok, it is a:


veitchii x gracilis

maybe the picture was really bad, sorry, I try to make a better one next time.

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But somehow I starting to doubt it too- it looks really like a maxima. Strange, the plant was sold me by the German deliverer http://www.plantarara.com, but they had made once a mistake with their plant names.

I wonder if veitchii x gracilis is really correct..
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ummm ok..

Sorry but there is no way in the world that is N. veitchii x gracilis. I would even say that it has neither as a parent at all. Perhaps send them a picture. They might be able to match it to other plants they have or may be aware of a mislabelling at the nursery.

I would put down ? N. maxima for now.. maybe when it gets larger and produces some upper pitchers it will show different features which will aid in further identification.

Still was fun to try and figure it out!
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Looks like a lower pitcher of Eymae.

N.Maxima is also a possibility.
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I do second Tony's statement - this plant is in no way N. veitchii x gracilis. The picture plantarara had on their website when selling this plant did match your plant exactly ElTunnel, so propably Uwe Westphal can't help correcting the label.

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The photo, as well as not knowing the height of the pitcher nor being able to clearly see its lid makes it a bit difficult if not impossible to tell. One unique feature I see in the photo is the lack of any spotting on the inside upper part of the pitcher. My eymae's, faizalanas, and maximas all have spotting on the rear inner part of the pitchers. I do have one form of N. maxima that does not put spotting on the inner part of the pitcher until the pitchers are quite large. I also have a couple of forms of N. fusca that do not show inner spotting although the outside is dark and spotted and this can be seen on the inside if light is shining through the pitcher. My guess would be a form of N. maxima.