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Nepenthes living but not making much progress

I have 4 Nepenthes that I started outside in the shade over the summer. I have slowly moved them to a bit more sun. They are about 3 months old now. Only one is slowly adding new growth. Someone on another forum advised me to repot them in pure long-stem spagnum moss. Right now they are in regular spagnum with Perlite mixture. The spagnum was fertilized. It is Miracle Grow brand. After I potted it, I began to read how most prefer un-fertilized but I never did go back and re-pot them. Does anyone here think that they should be re-potted? I know that by doing so, it will set them back again. But would it be better in the long run to re-pot or leave them alone.

I mist them daily now.

Miracle Grow moss is completely unsuitable for these plants! Its surprising that they have survived in that toxic crap. Get them into a proper, nutrient free soil mix asap, while you still have a chance.
Depends on how heavily fertilized it was... I use Miracle Gro perlite which is fertilized with no problems. They just spray enough on to say that it has fertilizer in it. I looked it up online and found a site that listed how heavy the fertilizer was, and it was EXTREMELY low. Most fertilizers are like 16-16-16, but Miracle Gro products have next to nothing on them. Watering your Nepenthes with distilled water should rinse it out anyway. Just to give you an idea, Miracle Gro Sphagnum Peat Moss has a 0.10-0.05-0.10 fertilizer in it.

Here's the site I use to get my information... http://householdproducts.nlm.nih.gov/index.htm

EDIT: This is just my point of view from my research on the subject... Others might have a different opinion, but I've never had an issue with using Miracle Gro product for Nepenthes.
Thanks and Thanks. I'm a completely green newbie with these things so both of you know way more than I do. I have done considerable research on the web and (like your answers above) different people have completely different / conflicting answers to the question. What that probably tells me is that there isn't one way but many that will work. I do suspect that some ways work better than others.

A friend has quite a few Nepenthes, and those that he has in 100% long fiber spagnum is far out-growing the others in the various mixes of soil. I'll try some using that route and see what happens