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nepenthes jacquelineae advice? Just got this plant

Hello everyone,

I just got a nepenthes jacquelineae.. Now I know this plant can be a little pain at times.

Again my growing setup has very good light 6 T5 with a misting system and a AC that chills the chamber.

Now I'm planing to keep the jac in a Fridge since my chamber only drops to about 65 60 at night..

Is there any advice I should know? Or do you have any pics of your plants :)

Thanks everyone

Much love,

Drew McClain
seems that the night time temps will be alright, no need to put it in the fridge... just make sure the temps during the day dont get too high, 80-85 are the upper limits. plant prefers to pitcher in lower light conditions so do not blast it with so much. humidity is the biggest issue. keep it high to encourage pitchering.

oh and here's mine:
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I have N. jacquelineae seedlings, and though seedlings can have slightly different needs than adults, maybe this would help: I keep mine under a pair of T8 shoplights, and they also get some direct sun in the mornings, with daytime temps at around 75-85 F, and I move them at night into temperaturs that range from 50-57 F, and they grow fast. From what I've heard, jacqs are more obligate highlanders than their relatives N. jamban, and need cooler nights in long term, and humidity should probably be kepts at around 60-85%.
For this species, a very well drained mix and humidity over 60% are the biggest things to keep in mind. Your night temps are perfect, and as long as your day temps don't rise much above 80F, you are good to go, and as amp said, this nep does pretty well in lower light, so you may want to put it in a dimmer spot off to the side of the lights or something.

Exo do you have any photos of you set up I would love!! To see it... That would be very helpful amph.. Yours to :)

Great pics guys thanks so much :)