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Nepenthes hybrid seed #2

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I am giving away ONE lot of seed from a home-made Nepenthes cross I harvested yesterday: N. Tiveyi (Leilani clone) X my male "Tiveyi". (The male parent is a "veitchii hybrid" of uncertain ID from Lailani, hence the double quotes)

This is the Leilani Tiveyi:

And my "Tiveyi" hybrid male:

To qualify for the seeds, you must meet the following criteria:

1) You must have prior experience (and success) growing Nepenthes from seed,
2) You must not have received any of my other giveaway items in the past three months,
3) You must offer the TF membership something in return (pay it forward, from your own assets) and you must offer it gratis. (You can request reimbursement for shipping, if you must)

The cross appears to have been highly fertile, with a large percentage of big, viable embryos produced, so you could potentially end up with 50 plants or more from the amount of seed I am donating. I will choose a recipient later today, if there is any interest in this offer at all.
I don't think I've received anything from you for a number of months, but let me know as I could be wrong.....
I've germinated many dozens of Nepenthes seeds before, so got that down, and as for a giveaway, I can offer for SASE the choice of 2 of any of the following seeds: Byblis liniflora, D. brevifolia, D. burmannii 'Pilliga Red', a number of D. spatulata varieties, Pinguicula lusitanica, etc.
I'm interested.

I have had great success with growing from seed.
I currently have rooted cuttings of both N. Ventricosa, and N. Miranda that will be going to any newcomers who want them.

Thank you
Not open for further replies.