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nepenthes emmarene for trade

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As of now I am acclimating it as an intermediate. It is giving a little fuss but I believe I will succeed..It is a lowland-intermediate hybrid and a good looking one. It can be grown in either of the 2 conditions. i presently have it in a window sil. With the warm temps and 2 times/day misting it grows kinda like a lowlander without needing a terrarium....It would probably be even more vigorous in a terrarium

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Please use proper terminology/taxonomy when posting a trade. The name of this plant is Nepenthes 'Emmarene' which makes it a cultivar not a species which is what you are saying by calling it Nepenthes emmarene.
actually, its not a cultivar but rather an hybrid so the correct presentation of the name (if it really matters to someone) should be Nepenthes x 'emmerene'
You mentioned about "if it really matters to someone", and I thought I would add my opinion concerning this,
as it has come up elsewhere & seems important to some people.

To me, unless a plants' name is confusing, as there being a plant cultivar & a species (or even a hybrid) with a very similar name
or where the spelling could be off & the resulting "mis-spelled name" could then be mistaken for a totally different plant,
then it may matter that the plant be designated (AND SPELLED) correctly & properly.
But otherwise, when doing a normal trade here on TF, I couldn't think of a reason at all why it would matter to me all that much, how it is presented.

For unless it were to actually create confusion, I personally don't care that much about it being done "the right way".
Many people can hardly even spell correctly, let alone follow the proper way of designating a plant's name.
(And of the two, I find correct spelling to be more important, as some names that are mis-spelled can be confused with other plant names.)

So as long as it doesn't create confusion as to which plant someone is referring to,I don't even worry about the proper way of designating it. (Just my opinion.)
(Now if I was in school doing a report, or writing a scientific paper on the plant... or doing a formal study where I had to designate a specific plant,
I would then likely take more care, look up the proper designation & such...
but for doing a normal trade here on TF, I don't know that it matters enough to most people here to bother correcting it.

Personally, I find it more important to know how to grow a plant into a fantastic state of health,
than it is to write its name/designation correctly.
But then, that's me.
I could send you a good sized sarrancia rubra for that nep. The rubra I'm talking about about is a division of my favorite sarr. The family tree of it cannot be killed and it is heavily viened with red.
hmmmm......lets see a pic of that rubra....how big are the pitchers? how big is the division?

about the single quote......if a person types nepenthes emmarene into google it will point them to the same plant I have here. This is not the taxonomy.edu forum so people will just have to lose sleep over the lack of quotation marks.
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Sorry, I get in these modes sometimes where it just bugs me if taxonomy is incorrect, didn't mean to cause trouble:p
eh it's alright.....stress from school I take it or just personal quirk?
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mostly stress from school, but a little personal quirk too. I've been dealing a lot with crappy taxonomy with some research and its frustrating me because whoever came up with it is just plain stupid, but thats no excuse for me to take it out here again sorry about that.
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This is the nicest one I have listed for ease of growing; I have nearly gotten it acclimated to being a houseplant. It sits in an easterly facing window sil and I may mist it twice a day and that's pretty much it. It seems to have the strengths of both a lowlander and an intermediate.....That type of confusion led to it's current conditions aka the sunburn bc I was under the impression it needed to be grown like an intermediate.

It doesn't seem to like alot of light, it doesn't seem to like the temp drops that is typical of intermediates, it seems fine with room temps; however it can tolerate lower humidity and grow in it granted I do give it a little misting maybe twice a day. Only drawback is it is slow to make pitchers but I'm thinking it might acclimate to indoor relative humidity.

bump for updated pic....

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