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Nepenthes edwardsiana

Thought I would share some crappy pics of my eddie taken by phone. Enjoy!




looks to be getting good light. Is this an AW plant, or seed grown?
Oh my goodness... so beautiful. :0o:
Faints and hits the floor.....
Welcome to TF!

Knocked the breath right out of me!
Looks super happy! Welcome :)
That's one hell of a first post, gorgeous!
The color on that thing is ridiculous. Gorgeous plant...
Damn....... :0o:
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I think I see the typcal Wistuba tag in the background. How long have you been growing this?
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I think I see the typcal Wistuba tag in the background. How long have you been growing this?

Yeah, what he said! mine is barely growing.
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real nice colour,very dark
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Like as everyone is saying, that is quite an impressive specimen. Welcome to TF. Hope you hang around for a long time and share with us your growing secrets!
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Thanks everyone. Yes, it's was purchased from Wistuba around May 2010.
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oh, one of the five first released?
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its a beauty
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OH MY GOSH! So purple, most purple that I've seen! That will turn out to be a great one. :)
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oh, one of the five first released?
I'm not sure if there were only 5 available the first go around. I know the guy who was lucky enough to purchase it when it first became available. Even though I'm on the AW waiting list for one, I persuaded him to sell it to me for quite a bit more than he got it from AW. I figured if the waiting list takes about 2 years, this one would be a lot bigger by then. Besides, he already went through the risk of establishing it. So that kinda justifies the increased price.

It has been in my care for almost a year in a modified cold chamber outlined by Jeff Shafer. The setup includes CO2 supplementation, four 4' T5 6400K bulbs which is on for 14 hours/day, an internal fan and a humidifier. Temp remains consistently at 70 day and 50 night; humidity 75% day and 99% night. It has more than tripled in size in that time sending out about 1 leaf/month.

Here are some of its toothy neighbors...

N. macrophylla BE


N. hamata AW Clone 4

N. villosa BE
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How long have you been growing the BE villosa and BE macrophylla? My BE macro is about 5x's the size of yours, but so slow.. Wondering about how old mine might be.
Wish it grew as fast as my BE villosa.