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nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana for new highland set...

Ive been working hard the past few days setting up a new highland chamber.. Will be posting pics some.
I can control the temps to anything that I want which is awesome.. Has anyone grown nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana? For a while? Some people say this plant is easy.. Then others say it can be a real pain of a hybird??

Night temps will be 60 to 55d day time will be 65 to 77f never let it get to 80 or above that.

What have you found out?

Post your pics :)

Much love,

Drew McClain
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I actually ended up with 2 of these plants. I assume they are seed grown. One is a finicky slow poke and the other grows just fine. I have them in normal HL conditions and they're even grown in the same pot. The difference of opinion on the ease of this hybrid may not be opinion. Some individual plants just seem more vigorous than others.
Mine just started growing after a year of sulking. If the plant starts out slow for you then I suggest you bag it and let it slowly adapt like I have started doing. They seem to really appreciate humidity. Your temps should be just fine ;).