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Nepenthes argentii

Hello guys

Im about to order an nep argentii, and i can read on some website that specie is picky and hard to grow.

If i put the plant in the same tank with my nep hamata and tenuis(both plants just thrive), it will be ok ?

Days/nights temperatures will be 24C/18C and RH% at 80%.

Yeah, should be fine. It's not overly particular, other than liking the media a little on the dry side. Some people say it needs a "breeze" to perform well, but I don't know about that.. some people like to make things up.
Ok, thank a lot mato :)
Where are you getting the plant from, Maiden?

Mato- they do that a lot.
From hawaiianbotanicals.com :)

But i think they ship only in Canada.
You are looking for that specie?
N.argentii likes very well drained media like aristolochioides. Typical HL conditions should be fine. Also doesn't like super intense light.
I've heard at least a dozen times that the pitchers NEED to sit in live lfs or they won't develop. This is not true, I've had pitchers develop just fine hanging over the edge of the pot. I also don't find that a breeze is needed. This is a finicky species though and doesn't like being moved around once it settles in.
Maiden- thanks. i had a plant recently but lost it due to rot. i can echo that the media must drain easily. i would love another one.
Nice, thanks guys

My others hl neps grow very well in 25% peat 75% orchid mix, i think i will go with the same thing !
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I would avoid peat with this species above most others. It will stay far too wet for it's liking. Use lfs instead.
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Yeah, but only 25% of peatmoss can keep just the right water level, in a 80%Rh terrarium. The other 75% is bark chunk, who is very airy. In my setup its the best media mix for nepenthes. I water once a week from the top and like i said the plants just thrive.
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I tried an argentii a while back. It grew ok for almost an year and just progressively declined once I repotted the plant. I used an lfs+bark mix with a top layer of live sphagnum. Also... use a wide pot because argentii loves to bury its long tendrils in moss for them to inflate into pitchers.

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Nice, thanks for the picture. Your argentii is still alive?
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nah man.. That pic I think was from 2009. It died in 2010 when I repotted it into a new pot for my big two tanks. It just didn't survive the change. I learnt from experience that given the chance, my highland neps just grow their roots into live sphagnum and completely ignore the media underneath. I killed my 7" hamata and bunch of other plants incl argentii that way by being ruthless with old media that way. Once the plants grow larger, they just cannot handle loosing too many roots. <textarea id="adlesse_unifier_magic_element_id" style="display: none;"></textarea>