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Nepenthes ampullaria 'Red' Seedlings

Seeds purchased from Malaysia on 09-01-2012, planted on 10-19-2012 and germinated on 12-27-2012. Patience is key with these plants as it has taken 5 months for the seedlings to reach this stage. This little cluster of three would easily be hidden under a nickel. It's fun watching each pitcher develop new characteristics on the plant's way to maturity. The opening under each lid can be seen and there are tiny little dirt dwelling insects that are making their way into the pitchers.

What temperature are you keeping these at ? N.ampullaria has been the fastest growing of all the Nepenthes I've grown from seed often reaching 4" within their first year. Seems like yours may be a bit slow.
Wow! how amazingly cute! I've got one male amp that is starting to flower, but no females in flower now.
The seedlings are doing ok and the temperature is in the mid-70's. The N. maxima's are the fastest growing followed close behind by the N. rafflesiana's. They remind me of the '60's movie, Day of the Triffids.
Congrats! Very cute tiny monsters :D
the leaves are kinda weird looking...their's like no midrib. That's cool! Hope they grow quick for you. :)
wheres the tendril its all leaf then goes right to pitcher hahaha
I suspect ampullaria seedlings would perform much better if you raised the temperature by ten degrees.