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Been away for several months so I thought I would stop in with some information on the seeds I planted in late Fall 2012. The seeds and seedlings that did the best were the rafflesiana's and ampullaria's. I wound up with one hirsuta and two albomarginata's. The aristolochioides produced a half dozen or so but as time went by all failed but one and it's slow as heck and still a tiny seedling. Several singalana's came up and did well for a while and then began dropping off and withering. The three I bought from "Cooks" off eBay are doing great in the same exact conditions so go figure. The maxima 'Lake Poso' seedlings did real well and were significantly larger and more robust than any of the others. I have several with a three inch leaf spread and one looks mutated and is producing variegated leaves, what a hoot. The leaves aren't symmetrical and every one is variegated so I expect it to continue. I wound up with two naga's and two bongso's, lost one of each and the other two are thriving. Unless I come across or am offered some really desirable seed varieties I'm probably through with seeds for now at least. It was an interesting and fun experience but the battle of the algae last winter ruined the fun so I'm done. If I ever do it again I will use loose NZ sphagnum and just sprinkle them in and cover, no more coconut coire crap.

Here are some pics of one of the ampullaria 'Green' sub-adults to peruse:








I am now raising my 6 year old granddaughter and when she came out of my bathroom / greenhouse with eyes wide open asking what those cool plants are I knew she was hooked. She picked out two and like any kid promptly filled out plant tags with her name on them and took possession.
Nice seedlings! I think your amp is an amp/raff hybrid.
Agreed, that peristome is way thin for an amp even at that size, and the shape of the moth and leaves are off. Looks like a very nice clone of one though....
I also agree that it's a very nice hybrid.