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2014-04-13 22.04.48.jpg

2014-04-13 22.05.02.jpg

2014-04-13 22.05.23.jpg

2014-04-13 22.06.27.jpg

This is one of several plants I am listing for trade. As you can see there is a basal.

The plant shown in the photos is growing in a 4" pot. Looking to acquire the following:

  • Drosera filiformis "All Red" - I currently grow "Florida Red". I am told there is an All Red variety that doesn't go dormant and drops seeds that do not need stratification. If it exists, I
  • want it. The Florida Red that I have does go through a brief dormancy and has red tentacles but green leaves.
  • Drosera ‘Dreamsicle’ (Florida all-red form of D. filiformis var. filiformis × anthocyanin-free D. filiformis var. tracyi)
  • Drosera filiformis "Florida Giant"
  • Drosera ‘Ambrosia’ (anthocyanin-free D. filiformis var. tracyi × Florida all-red form of D. filiformis var. filiformis)
  • Drosera binata var. multifida 'Extrema'

I will consider trading for Sarracenia if you do not have any of the above listed plants to offer. Thank you