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NEED: Venus Flytrap feeding photo

Hi all. I am finding it ridiculously difficult to find a good photo of a VFT forming the sealed stomach chamber on prey. I would like to include one in my powerpoint for my CP class when I talk about the stages of a VFT's trapping/digestion.

I was wondering if someone could feed their flytraps and snap me a good shot of the trap not only closed, but completely sealed and obviously creating the stomach (i.e. the point where the teeth reflex back out). Maybe from a viewpoint that is somewhat isometric (i.e. not directly from the top or the side). This would be immensely helpful!! There's not a rush. Plus it should be fun for whoever gets to feed their plants.

Thanks so much if anyone is able to do this. I am volunteering to teach a class on CPs in June, and the photo won't be used for any other purpose.
Thanks so much---one of the pics has exactly what I was looking for!!