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Hello all,
I can't remember what variety of Drosera this is........ Can you please help? I have a few ideas but I want to hear from the community.

looks like D. intermedia to me...
Yep, looks like D. intermedia
Could Drosera nidiformis.
I agree with Not a Number. This looks like a Drosera nidiformis. Drosera intermedia has shorter, rounder leaves like those of Drosera rotundifolia, only longer.
I don't think it's nidiformis. At least with nidiformis I've grown, the leaves tend to be slightly wider than the ones shown and the tentacles extend further down. It could be nidiformis but I'm 96% positive it's intermedia. That looks exactly like my intermedia.

On a side note, at least imo, rotundifolia doesn't really look much like intermedia to me at all. The carnivorous leaves are much rounder than the ovular leaves of intermedia, and the entire plant is spread out and closer to the ground, whereas intermedia leaves tend to reach upwards... I wouldn't use that as a basis of comparison for this identification. Besides, some of the leaves pictured look fairly 'round' to me