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Need Dionaea seed and others- WSU University

I need about 100 Dionaea seed for in-vitro germination. Plants will be used for research, lectures and conservation education at Weber State University.

I am also looking for Darlingtonia, Sarracenia, Drosera and Nepenthes seed.

I have some mexican pings and U. sandersonii for trade. Please message me and we can work something out.


Blake Wellard
Blake is a gentlemen and a scholar, truly. If you have seed and could donate to him, I can confirm that the product will be used for educational studies. We have a scientist in our midst!
Check with the ICPS seedbank manager as they have special rules for educational institutions.

Seeds of selected varieties are available free to teachers for use in the classroom and to scientists and conservation organizations. Please contact the seed bank manager by e-mail for more information.
If nothing else, I don't have quite 100 seeds I don't think, but I do have probably at least half of that that I could send out. I also have some different kinds of Drosera seeds: D. capensis, venusta, etc.
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I'll soon have some D. spatulata seeds. In a few weeks or a month I'll also have some flytrap seeds.
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Blake, are you the same one on fly trap care? The one i have been emailing?
Blake I can help you with some Drosera and Sarracenia seed, just PM me. But RL's advice is the best, if you email john@carnivorousplants.org John Brittnacher the seedbank manager will do his best to hook you up.