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So many friends have said if I wanted to grow again to give a holler when I was ready that I thought I would put this here. I wish I could put it in the trade forum, but I really have nothing to offer yet except promises to make it up when I can.

I have some new friends in South Africa and Australia that will be sending me seeds over their growing season and I need to have something to compensate them for. A lot of you know my sharing ethic, but it is difficult to share what you no longer have. I want to increase the number of Drosera species in South Africa now that I have contacts there. Believe it or not, there is limited interest in SAF, and very few species available to collectors there of non endemic species. Please help me change this!

I lost my collection in 2005 when I was bed bound for most of that year, but prior to this I sent thousands of seed packs, gemmae and plants worldwide. I never would take a cent for doing it, so I hope I have good karma now!

I am hunting all and any Drosera seed, no matter how common, and also interested in Utricularia/ My current net worth is ten dollars and seventy five cents so I can't even offer a SASE, but I WILL remember anyone's generosity, and will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!

I hope to grow some plants during next growing season. I can no longer afford to overwinter them, and anything I grow will be sent to good homes at season's end. Sharing this material and increasing the availability of rare species is the heart and soul of me. I need to do this. If you know of anyone sympathetic to the Cause, please pass on my request.
Thank you in advance for any assistance!

If you are interested in helping me with this new chapter in my CP life my address is:
Wiliam Dawnstar
42 East Oneida St
Oswego, NY 13126
tamlindd @ yahoo.com

Be sure I know who you are and include an email addy so I can return the favor! If you have any specific wants include this as well. Let's shake up the world a little, what say?

P.S. My Facebook albums are now up to 19 so please come and be my friend. Google William Tamlin Dawnstar and hope you like the photos!

Thank you in advance for any assistance!
Hi Tamlin, I know of your generosity it's legendary!
Anyway, Dr. Matt Opel of UCONN specilizes in South African plants and is a member of the NECPS... might be a hike for you, but maybe you could make the show and meet him unless you already know him.

In the meantime, I could offer a larger-than-small Regia for you, sent free of charge. Roots are probably pretty big actually... originates from a very well-known Californian grower who literaly wrote-the-book.

I also have a seed packet I never got around to of Bain's Kloof Regia. It's like a year old, think it's still good?
Quogue my friend.

Very kind of you to offer plants but I must decline any plants other than Utric's although I would surely love to grow that D. regia!! The seed is most welcome though. Be sure to let me know what you desire and we'll see what happens! Thanks again my friend!
I do have D. capensis at the moment.
I have some Byblis liniflora seeds I could send your way. Not really asking for anything in return, but I am always taking donations! :grin:
Love you guys! No need to ask, I want anything since I have nothing. I will find homes for any donations! Just send and remember to include name, mailing address, email addy and wants/growlists and Santa Tam will do the rest asap! You guys are awesome!
Hi Tamlin,

I have a pretty large seed stash at the moment. I'll go through and see what I have over the next couple of days. What Utricularia are you interested in? I may have some to spare.

quogue - The regia seed are most likely still good. I bought some several months back and have been keeping them in the fridge. They have to be close to the year mark by now. I recently put a few into TC, to my surprise I have a couple germinating.

I've been meaning to get a package out to you. It's just a matter of doing it. I have to overcome my inertia and terminal lethargy. Despondent I suppose over health insurance issues - even the new laws don't help much if you still can't afford the premiums or have to wait 6-8 months.
If you are interested in a hodge-podge of temperates, I could send you what I can collect. I have a bunch that are just "weeds" with my Sarracenia. I don't know what kinds, intermedia, rotundifolia and filiformis for sure. THere may be another species or two in there too. Also, some capensis. I usually just let them self-sow, but I'd be more than happy to collect what I can and send 'em your way.
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I am very interested in the temperates as I can overwinter them easily!

I never thought I would need D.capensis seed, but I was wrong, LOL

I know I'm on your buddy list, no hurry or worries and brother can I relate to the health care depression!!! You hang in there and get feeling better, worry about seeds when you have the energy! I am very charged up with this project, but for the last 5 years it's been all I could do to just function. Thanks for wanting to help make this happen!

I'm after most everything other than U. sandersonii which survived my neglect. I'd even like dear old subby! Remember to include your growlist so I can help make it longer!

With my new contacts in SAF and Oz I should be able to introduce many new varities here in the States. I can't grow them, but I can get them! The rest will be up to you:-D
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So do you want byblis? I can get some other seeds too I'm sure. I'll look and see what I have when I get home.
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Tamlin, no need for anything in return. I got these for free anyways... plus I'm sliming down my collection to just my absolute favorites to concentrate on another facet of my life.
I'll send out the seeds as soon as I can, but it does take me awhile usually. Especially with all the preparations for the NECPS Show!

Crissytal, thanks for the tip! I probably shoulda put them in the fridge then, I had them out to remind me to plant them and kept saying "I'm too busy, next week" but they are in a somewhat cool spot...
I guess Tamlin can let us all know if they work out.
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For sure I want the Byblis, thank you very much. I might even try growing this Genus again next season, since I had so little success back in the day. Many thanks!

I just signed up with the NECPS, waiting to hear back from them and will probably beg there too, lol. Also looking to the foreign CP societies.....this is gonna be a lot of fun for me. I do believe I can start an avalanche of plants once I get a few pebbles to throw. Giid luck with your show, I'd love to be there and can't so please bring your camera and drop my jaw open!
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Hi Tamlin,

I think I can help you out a little bit. I probably won't be able to get anything out until next week or possibly the week after. I'm coming down with a cold.

My growlist should work now. I've been meaning to fix it. Thanks for the reminder! I only partially updated it just now from memory. It's pretty good in the Utricularia and the Drosera section:


EDIT: No problem quogue. I overlooked your reply. They still may be viable. I have byblis seed germinating that were seed that were left out in the elements all winter long. Last winter was a bad one too. I certainly wouldn't throw them out :).
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I wish I had something to offer you! I have only rotundifolia and it sounds like you're getting some already. Good luck on getting your collection going again and I hope you feel better!
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I have filiformis ssp. filiformis and d. intermedia.

I may be able to scrounge some natalensis up as well. I let the seed pods distribute seed freely into the surrounding dew pots, but I bet there are still some in there.

I may also be able to send you some pods of U.subulata. I have no idea if there are seeds in there. I only found out I had them when I posted a pic of a dew and a forum member spotted it. The seed pods are very tiny.

I know they are common, but they are yours if you want them.

Love you guys! No need to ask, I want anything since I have nothing. I will find homes for any donations! Just send and remember to include name, mailing address, email addy and wants/growlists and Santa Tam will do the rest asap! You guys are awesome!
Dang! Didn't read that part. On it's way then...
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Thanks much Dashman! No seeds will go to waste, I'll place everything in good places.

Phase 2 for me will be to contact as many CP societies as possible with my appeal, especially the foreign societies. If anyone is a member of such here in the U.S. and could pass along my request to your seed bank managers I would be very appreciative. I only have 2 months to get this off the ground before the cold season makes it impossible to mail out seeds, and the SAF growing season is now so I got to hop!

I remember Barry Rice said once that the best way to store seed was to send it out to as many growers as possible. If anyone has unwanted seed, or seed that is getting old, this is a chance for it to become very useful. Please don't let it go to waste, and it doesn't matter if you are uncertain of the ID.

Thanks again for your fine responses! You know, most of the folk getting behind this never got squat from me, only having joined the forum after my hey days. I find this generosity most gratifying.

For those who don't know me, I can promise there will be NO commercial profit from donations, no ebaying or resale of any kind, and I will be happy to put your name on my sendings so you get the credit you deserve in our community.
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I could send you some cuttings of a South American or two along with the seeds. Would that work?
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I have typical filliformis, and (I think) some binata - have to check on the binata.

I also have some U. nelumbifolia that I received from RL7836, which is growing very well. I can send you a plug.

I will endevour to get this out this weekend.
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NAN you tempt me......but no, not yet. I can maintain Utricularia over the winter but that's about my limit right now. Hopefully I can grow outside next season at least untiil summers end.
Tjamks for the offer though, I sure miss my Drosera!

Thanks much, this will do well for me, but no hurry bro, I know you're getting ready for the show!!!