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NECPS Nepenthes Cuttings Meeting


Hi guys, I went to the January NECPS meeting in which we do nepenthes cuttings every year. I brought a camera and decided to take some pics for you guys. Cthulhu138 brought some plants: N. Maxima-Tentena, N. Ventrata and N. Alata-spotted. There were many more plants and if anyone wants to claim ownership of a plant they brought please do so. Sorry if I didn't attribute you. also sorry for the bad image quality:blush:, but I only have one camera to work with right now.

Plants brought in at the beginning of the meeting:



I think this was the N. alata Spotted also

After the Carnage:




We had a bunch of stuff to clean up, but it was definitely worth it because I got three cuttings!


I know the light looks weak but it is brighter than the camera makes it seem.

Cthulhu138 also very generously gave away his three plants after the cuttings had been taken. Although I didn't get one of his huge vines, I'm happy for those who did.
I made off with cuttings from N.spectabilis - Pangulubao, N.khasiana and, N. x 'Lady Pauline'. 3 plants that I've been wanting to get ahold of for a while now. I actually only gave away the x ventrata and the maxima. That spotted alata is one of my favorite plants so that one came home with me. I hope every one got whatever cuttings they wanted. It was a good turn out.
Oh, sorry about that so many people going for the cuttings it got a bit confusing in there.
Yeah, got crazy in there for a bit. Someone nipped off the growth point from the basal on the maxima. That was kind of disappointing.
yeah i saw that what kinda coocoo head would np off a perfectly good basal
also where is your "super secret" nepenthes seed place ?
I'm so glad we made it to the meeting, everyone was so friendly and welcoming :) Thank you, Cthulhu soo much for the Maxima - I love it, and am glad that the basal rosette was spared <3 The plants that were brought were so amazing, it re-kindled my passion for CPs and bolstered my confidence at the same time lol. Nice to meet everyone who was there!!

Nepenthes maxima tentena


NOID Nepenthes cutting (received, but they weren't sure of name, i love it all the same!)

Maxima prior to being propagated into smaller plants :)
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Had a pic of the maxima in new cuttings, figured I'd include it :) The middle row is actually an xmas gift of a N. "lantern" alata, and a N. Areolata I almost killed from a CP nursery that attended the RI convention. I'm missing a pic of the planter with the two most "woody" cuttings too :/
Looking good Lauren. Good luck with all those cuttings. I still can't believe some idiot chopped off that basal.
Thank you :) :) Luck is always something I feel I need with cuttings/smaller sized Nepenthes thus far in my journey lol...but with the advice I got...I think they should do fine!
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I got this random pitcher and I put it in between like twenty books. Here's the result:

BTW the nep in the background isn't the one which produced the pitcher.

flat as paper: