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NECPS 11th Annual Fall Carnivorous Plant Show !!!!!

That time of year is upon us again ! Time for the Annual NECPS Fall Carnivorous Plant Show ! Bring plants for show, bring plants for trade, bring yourself and have a great time at this weekend long bash !


If you do intend on bringing plants to show off, please fill out this form www.necps.org/temp/NECPS_show_preregistration_form_2014.xlsx and email it to Shaun Montminy at shaun_montminy@yahoo.com so he can get your display tags all printed out. People vote on the best plants and there are prizes for the winners !
Just curious, what are the prizes?
I've cleared my calendar and cannot wait to check it out this year. This will be my first time.
I plan on making several additions to my growing collection.
It's easy to do at the show. We have several great vendors and many of us local growers will have our own plants for sale.
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Me too, most of my excitement comes from being able to move all these plants I'm sitting on ! I need the space !
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I cant wait, this time I will be bringing some plants for the contest. Of course I will be helping Ryan vend again, we are going to have some nice stuff this time.
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Ryan always has nice plants. It's great to have him in the area.
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Ryan always has nice plants. It's great to have him in the area.

This time we will have a bunch of stuff from BE, EP, and MT. Including some stuff from we grew out from seed.
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Can't wait to see the show written up with lots of photos. I hope it's at least as fun as the BACPS show was back in June!
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Oh, it's been so long....so long. Been so darn busy, I haven't been able to indulge my "plant tooth" this year....haven't even really been logged on to TF!

So let's see....

Hotel room? Check! (Friday AND Saturday night. part-T par-T par-T)
Plants for show? Check!

So stoked. SO Stoked.
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Just curious, what are the prizes?

Personal satisfaction, same as in year's past. Sometimes they give out ribbons.
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Shorter hours for the show on Saturday!
Check out the website.
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Very excited for this. This will be my first time attending and I will definitely be making a few purchases. I'm making a round-trip so I'm a bit bummed about the shorter Saturday hours...I'll be spending more time in the car than I will the actual show lol.
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Yeah, we got a little screwed by the botanical center this year. It's still going to be pretty awesome though.