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N. ventricosa?


Nepenthes newbie
This was sold to me as Nepenthes ventricosa from a local nursery. They aren't very reputable for carnivorous plants (in fact, they just sell one variety of Nepenthes, Sarracenia and VFTs) so I'm not sure if I should immediately trust the tag. It's still quite small, and it's nodes are very close. The pitchers are small, but here's the largest one I was able to get so far.

Untitled by Dante1709, on Flickr

Here's the plant right now

Untitled by Dante1709, on Flickr
It looks like ventricosa to me. The peristome and the tubby pitchers fit with ventricosa, although the peristome isn't as frilled as what ventricosa usually has.
I agree, it appears to be N. ventricosa based on plant shape and size, and the pitcher looks to be that of a younger ventricosa, not being as tall or as as skinny as N. x ventrata.
Yes, it's ventricosa, probably one of the common "red form" clones. The flaring peristome isn't as noticeable in this form, though it gets more pronounced in upper pitchers.
Thanks everyone! I was just hoping it wasn't a standard ventrata and I'm happy to see that it's an actual species. Nothing wrong with hybrids ; but I think I need more species in my plant collection.