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N.ventricosa: A fistfull of seeds (qivaway)


Tastes like chicken!
ok peeps, I have just come into possesion of a rather obcene quantity of N.ventricosa seeds from kula, and I'm gonna divide these seeds into 10 portions, and SASE them out to you fine folks. If interested, simply post....yes, that's all, just post, and in a few days, I'll select 10 people from this thread to receive the seed, and will PM them my address for the SASE. I won't be playing favorites, I'll be selecting people who I feel would benefit from the oportunity of being able to try these seeds, whether it be a newbie eager to have their first try at Nep seed, or an old pro who I know will take good care of them, everyone has a chance. :)

Ready, set, GO!
im posting up like a fence :banana2:
I guess I will enter. Thanks!
Very interested. I have greenhouse space for them and promise to share when I get seedlings.
I would love a couple please.
I'll enter. This will be my first attempt at nep seeds, but I love experiments :) Thanks for the generous opportunity, Exo!
I'm in. I need some seed practice.
Yes - and thank for the oppertunity!
I know I don't post here very often,(I'm just more of a regular lurker than a regular poster,) but I'd like the opportunity to try some seeds. I've pretty much grown everything else from seed and have been growing Nepenthes for quite a few years. Would love the opportunity, plus I'd be glad pay the favor forward, back on here of course.
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I'd definitely like to give them a try. Still trying to get my germinating methods down to a science, would probably just distribute most of the seedlings back to growers!
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I follow you.. Enter for seeds..
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I would like to enter. Sounds like a good winter project.
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i would love to give em a try, this would be my first attempt at nep's.

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I love to try fresh Nepenthes seeds to find a good germination way to sow them in vitro. So far it's ok but need more testing.
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I'd like a shot at these. I currently do not have any ventricosa types in my collection. Thanks for the generosity!
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Yes! I would love to have the opportunity to grow Nepenthes ventricosa from seed!
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Winners have been chosen, and PMed, enjoy the seeds, and good luck everyone. :)
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I would like to give them a try? I am a newbie and want to try my luck in growing some from seeds?