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N. St. Pacificus (maybe) Giveaway!

I've been on the receiving in of quite a few generous give aways lately, so I thought I'd return the favor before winter sets in.

I received this plant in trade as N. "St. Pacificus" which CPphotofinder says is ventricosa x ramispina, but on the same ID label that says St. Pacificus it also says that it's ventricosa x insignis. Since vent x insignis isn't listed on CPphotofinder, and the pitchers don't look at all like insignis I'm inclined to believe that it's vent x ramispina.

Anyway, this giveaway is for a rooted cutting. Winner pays shipping to me via paypal, which I think will be around 7.00$ First person to guess my favorite myotis species from this list (under the species section) wins.

I'll post a pic asap, but I've got to run for now.

Here's that pic:
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Myotis punicus? isn't it "pun"ny?

or Myotis sodalis because it lives in indiana?
Myotis auriculus

We have myotis around here. I just saw a late sleeper zig-zagging its way back to its cave one early morning last weekend. They are soo much fun to watch.
Myotis thysanodes
You only get one guess Tatorger. If no one guesses by tomorrow I may narrow down the choices a bit.

@Lil Stinkpot: They are fun to watch. I help do emergence counts on species around here.
Myotis myotis?
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Myotis capaccinii
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Myotis occultus
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Myotis septentrionalis
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Do you have pictures of the plant? :pics:
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or hints? I know I already guessed but now i just want to know its killing me!
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Nobody has it yet, so here's a hint: Danzig.

In other news, over the past four weeks the bat counts at the site I monitor have gone from 67 to 3. Winter doth approach.

@Lil Stinkpot: Yep, just added one in the first post.
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You only get one guess Tatorger. If no one guesses by tomorrow I may narrow down the choices a bit.
I'm guessing that we get to guess again since round 1 was a mulligan? If so ...

Myotis lucifugus
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We have a winner! Myotis lucifugus has it. Pm your shipping info RL7836.

Here's a pic of M. lucifugus aka the Little Brown Bat!
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Oh, carp.

Honest to gosh, that was my first guess, but I changed it. D'oh! :headwall:

Congrats, Ron!