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N. red leopard cutting

Here is a red leopard I have with some growth from last year that I am about to trim off. It is turning a bit yellowish and the terminal bud is gone. A three or four inch portion looks to me to be potentially rootable.

I could be wrong about that, but if you want to give it a try, I will send it to you. I want it to go out Monday or Tuesday so if you are interested, do the #'s thing and I will do the random number thing tomorrow. As it is in less than stellar condition, I will get the postage. If anyone feels it is a doomed effort, post to that effect and I will call it quits.
I've found that canes in that state have a very low chance of rooting. I've attempted a couple like that and they have always withered and died quite soon after removal.
I agree with Paul B. It looks a bit too far gone.
Coming your way via USPS, Nikki. In a stroke of genius I cut the vine without looking first and below a growth point. So there is at least one bud on there that is trying to grow.:)