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N. Rajah (in Florida)

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bisk queen is a clear film that you cover stuff with or lay down to do dirty job. yes somethink like sandwich wrap but, much more thicker 4ml.thinkness
the plant looked kind of dry when i pulled it out and checked it this moring but i was still half asleep when i pulled it out
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ok the plants have been in the refrig. for the past to nights and i can get the temp. to where it is supposed to be but the humidity i can only get to 65-70% how can i raise the humidity since my humidifier will not fit into it. any suggestion
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The evaporator in the fridge will suck water out of the air no matter what you do and adding a humidifying device will make it ice up pretty badly. Your best bet would be to place the plants in a plastic container or bag after misting the inside of it and then sealing it up.
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I recently visited the nursery facilities at the Royal Botantical Garnes, Kew, London. They have a large programme, propagating and growing many Neps (both highland and lowland). Most of the highlanders were growing in a computer controlled glasshouse with refridgeration, so that night temperatures were at 50 F (10C). However, due to lack of space several highlanders were growing in the sister glasshouse for lowlanders (night temperature 65F (20C)). Suprisingly there was no noticable difference in growth with the N. rajahs under the two conditions.

This was an expensive facility, beyond the means of the amateur grower, so all other conditions (light, humidity etc) were near perfect. So whilst N. rajah probably won't do well at 75F, I don't think it isn't necessary to chill it down to 45-50F to get good growth, 60-65F will probably do it. N.rajah is an amazing species, and having seen the temps that Kew get it to grow well at, I will probably get one soon. Even in chilly England I would struggle to get summer night temperatures much below 65F without some AC system.

Just my $0.02

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Those plants are also adpated to those conditions too. And also 60-65F at night is still pretty refreshing nightime air. Also I people do not really say it is mandatory to have Ultrahighlander's in 45-50 at night, but that is what is recorded in thier natural habitats, my Ultrahighlands get what is get's at night around here, last night it got down to 37F outside and they got about 40-50F on my enclosed porch. So they typically are in what you would call "ultrahighland condiitons" And I would like to bring up a subject on N.Burbidgeae people say it will not grow well or pitcher well ith night's below 60F well that's not true in my expierence. I have it in those temps (40-50F) and it is growing just as fast as any other Ultrahighlander I have (excpet Lowii)
But that is very good point Vic made. Thanks Vic!
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thanks vic for the post.

well as of the last couple of days the refrig has been down to 58-60 when i place the plants into it. the humidity as been 60-65%. i placed the bags over them last night to hold in moisture and this morning it was 78% in there.
the Rajah is looking really good with new growth coming from it and the new pitcher is starting to get bigger but has not opened yet.
the lowii on the other hand is not doing as good and some of the leaves are starting to turn black but the new growth is still looking really good
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Were the leaves begining to decay before this? Or have they all the sudden begun to blacken?
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there is only one or 2 of the leaves that have done this. it has just started like 2 days ago. only the tips of the leaves are doing this not the hole thing.
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Bottom leaves(nearest to the soil) or top leaves?
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Nep G.
it is the bottom growth i just checked it over really good.
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N. rajah page

hey hopfully this picture came out right. the picture is 2 weeks old. the one leave that is uncurling is all the way open with a little pitcher on it. the pitcher on the bottom is 1cm now but, not open yet. the pitcher that is seen on top is still there but starting to turn black just a little

(I turned it into a link since geocities won't let you remote load pics off their webserver T)
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Nice plant george! Keep it cold at night and it should do very well!
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thanks tony for the edit
nep.g it goes into the mini refrig. at night with a plastic bag over it to keep the humidity up to 80% & 50-55 degress.
still working on the tank well at least it is in the house now and i stained it but still have a lot of work to do to it befoe the plants go into it.
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well it is cool enough now to put rajah out side on the back porch during the day but, i still have to but it into the refrig at night to get its needed cold period. it is about 80-83 degress out w/ a cool breeze coming threw.
hopfully in the next couple of weeks i will be able to leave it out there with out bringing it in.
i will post again with the update in about 2 -3 weeks from now. there is an added picture on the link above with it out gettin a sun tan just for a couple of min. it is actually in a shaded to sunny spot back there.