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N. Rajah (in Florida)

i have purchaced my first N. Rajah and growing it under floreciant light and next to an ultrasonic humidifier. the day time temp. is 80 and night time temp i can only get it down to 75. the humdity is 80-85 during the day and 85-95 at night. the plant is only 8cm still a baby.
You will find that as your plant gets larger, it will stop pitchering and cease to grow well.
75 F is far too high an overnight low for all but really small specimens of this species. Please
try to find a way to reduce the overnight temperature to at least 60 F. I recommend the use
of airconditioning or other refrigeration technology.
You need very cool night temps as Jeff mentioned. Without the cooling at night your Rajah will be a poor grower and will most likely die. To achieve sufficent cooling at night use frozen water bottles and place a thermometer preferably one that records how cold it gets and see just how cold you can get it around the Rajah at night. Temps in the 50 and high 40's are preferable for Ultrahighlands. My Rajah is at the moment 6 inches across and get's 50F naturally from my home location but with you in Florida you need to take more action into cooling it. I suggest also placing ice cubes around the pot. Just a few or else you will freeze the roots! You want it cool but not cold!
Good luck!
i got a bunch of 1 Ltr. coke bottels i save just for the heck of it. i got them in the freezer now and will place them around the plant tomorrow night. I'm an a/c tech. so building a box with a cooling system is my next project.
Good they sound like they will workout fine!
You are darn lucky! I wish I could rig up a cooling unit for my Rajah and other Ultrahighlanders for use in the summer months.
ok i got 6 1 Ltr. bottles that are frozen as a rock around the N. rajah tonight and kept one around it all day. i couldn't check the temp due to my digital thermometer battery is dead.
it seems to be doing ok the new leaf that was coming out of it has oped up almost all the way.
i did feel the water in the try and it seems to be really cold so that might help to. also i am putting ice in the ultrasonic humidifier so the vaper is alot colder than normal tape water
Sounds good. You might want second thoughts on the Ultrasonic though. The mist falling on the palnt is basically tap water, and that;s like misitng your plant with tap water, as long as your tap water is low in chorline or flurine and not hard I think you can use it just fine the way you are, however if it is city treated chorline and minerilized water it may be better to fill the utrasonic with distilled or RO water or Rain water.
the ultrasonic humidifier has a blue demineralization cartridge in the base of it
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The only problem with the utrasonic is that they only last a week at a time i have been threw 2 of them in 2 weeks and back to the store tomorrow to exchange one.
The Rajah is doing ok. one of the pithers that was on it is starting to get bigger. The other pitcher lead is starting to turn black But the one that broke off on shipping it still health as can be go figure.
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Your Ultasonic humidifier's keep malfunctioning? Hmm...what brand is it? My grandmother had a lot of trouble with the Family Care brand. I have a small 1/2 gallon KAZ ultrasonic and it has been with me for 1 year of service almost.
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it is a Relion untrasonic humidifier. it looks to me to be the same as the Vick's don't know what the Kaz looks like or what the diff is with all of them.
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today the new leaf has open up all the way with a little pitcher coming with it. even with a little new leaf all curled up sticking out of the center
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That's good. With a sign of that it sounds like your nightitme temps are doing the trick, even in this short period of time a little change may be noticable. But keep it up and your palnt should prosper.
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If your ultrasonic humidifier continues stopping fogging then what you are experiencing is most likely sodium deposits on the vibrating metal disk from the water you're using. Clean it with pure white vinegar and a Q tip and start using reverse osmosis/distilled water. The Demineralization cartridge doesn't do the same thing to the water as R/O distillation so your water still has the same amount of sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc. which is what causes the deposits. I use only these two processed waters and I still have to occasionally clean it. There's really no way around using R/O & Distilled water for all facets of CP growing.
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today i picked up my mini refrig. from my moms work and brought it home to place the Rajah & Lowii into it at night so it can get the correct temp at night.
i have been placing rain and tap water into the ultrasonic to mist the plants. just latly i have been putting rain water into it. if it does stop working this time i will clean it with what you said to do.
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That sounds great. Just make sure that the refridge doesn't go below 43 for those species. They like it ideally in the 50's to 45ish *F area. Besides that make sure humidity is high enough at night, and above all sounds like a darn good setup.
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i'm not place the plants into the refrig until i can get a true reading of temp and humidity. the temp i can find out but the humidity i can't due to the meature is to big to go into the refrig. so until i can find a Hygrometer there in the same set up until then.
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well tonight is the first night for the ultrahighlands to spend the night in the mini refrig. the temp was ajusted to 50 and humidity was 80%. it will all be ajusted again tomorrow cause im takng the door off and placing bisk queen over it so i can see in when i want to
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The environment is perfect!
And when your taking the door off and replacing it with Bisk Queen, what is Bisk Queen? A clear sandwich wrap?