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Nepenthes ovata on 3/18:

N. ovata today (5/3):

N. talangensis:

N. spectabilis x aristolochioides

N. glandulifera:

first "hairy red" hamata to bloom is male:
red hairy hamata blooming?! :D holy cow! how many do you have??
Very nice! Please share more pics of the hairy hamata. :)
Incredible Nepenthes! I've never seen a upper Ovata pitcher so spectacular!
I would sell my soul for some hairy hamata pollen good going!
Holy crap. Hairy reds.....wow. The other plants look great too.
Great, healthy plants & beautiful pics. :hail:

Congrats on the RHH flower.
Any pics of the RHH pitchers?
thats the largest talangensis i have seen,awesome plants,i too would like to see more pics of your rhh
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wow great neps
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Thanks for all the kind comments.

The flower photo was taken a while ago. This is a difficult plant (for me, at least) and I was
excited to see it bloom. The pollen has been put on a couple females. If any seedlings result,
I will post an update. Here is the stalk yesterday:


Pitcher produced by this plant:

Just for fun, this is N. hamata - kataposa from Big Bella:

This flower stalk had a deformed, crestate appearance, and I was surprised to see normal
flowers develop. N. truncata x (thorelii x aristolochioides):

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do you have any ideas or possible candidates to mother the children of that beast? not many bad choices imo :D