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N. ampullaria Shriveled Up Like A Prune!

Okay, so I took my N. ampullaria out of its giant jar about three hours ago to let it air out a bit. I pulled him out of his "pot" so I could get all his dead pitchers off and I may or may not have felt a slight "pop", then I put him back in his pot. I checked on him a moment ago, and his leaves are all wilted and shriveled! The lids on his pitchers even closed! I got him a few months ago, and I've never had a pitcher before. What the heck happened? You'd think I hadn't watered him in several weeks!
Weird! Do you have a before and after picture?
They don't like being moved from high humidity to low humidity suddenly, or having their roots disturbed. It sounds like a stress response.
Could that "pop" have been the roots being pulled off of the plant? That'd do it. Is it a cutting or a basal meaning that roots may have only formed recently?
I was going to say humidity as well. How long was it out of the jar?
Right now the first thing you should do is put it back in it's jar and seal it up as it normally was. It's most likely a humidity problem (the jar must have had about 100% humidity or so). If the cells are still alive they should rehydrate and the plant should return to normal.
It was out the jar for maybe three hours. It's not a cutting or anything. I think it has a fully formed root system and everything.

I checked on him this morning and he seems to be perking up again.
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