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n.albo red seeds exchange only

hello there, i got fresh seeds at below, interested in trade or sale

N.albormarginata "penang" 2packet

D.intermedia "cuba"
D.burmannii "berwah"
mixed drosera got it from triffid nurseries, one 1000++seeds, 4packet 100seeds
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I am, but I don't think I can do it :-( you know, the customs thing.
Hi Allenphoon,
I wold like to receive some seeds of this N. albomarginata but what are you looking for?
I will receive some seeds of Nepenthes hibrids from Hawai and some other friends.
HAve you interest?
Thank you very much,
Marcos Ono
you forget already i had promised you for N.albomarginata "penang"already? and the n.ampullaria hotlips, red? i will send them out as soon as i get them XD
what can you give me this time? PM me, hehe
Hi Allenphoon,
I know that but... if nobody want to trade with you this seeds of N. albomarginata, i would like to receive this seeds and then to trade for something here in your interest.
Thank you very much my friend,