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Mystery Natural Nepenthes Hybrid

This plant came to me as a Nepenthes stenophylla orginating from seed collected on Mt. Kelabit in the Bareo Highlands. It's obviously not stenophylla nor does it appear to carry stenophylla genes. To me it looks like a hybrid of N.hirsuta given the basic leaf and pitcher morphology. The frilly lid and anterior appendage has me stumped though. Any one have any ideas of what this might be ?

huh.. like you said yesterday, it doesn't really fit the description of anything that grows there. Perhaps the source of the seed is inaccurate..
It sounds more like either mixed seed or mislabeled pots. I would go through the vendor's list with a fine comb, and give him a jingle to see what it could be.

Me, whatever it is, I really like it. I'ts tough and frilly at the same time. I can't wait to see how it grows up.
The only Nepenthes he has are stenophylla and reinwardtiana. The pic of the stenophylla he was using looks accurate for the species. I wonder if he got seed pods or loose seeds.........something must have slipped in there somewhere.
I have dozens of seedlings that look just like that. They came from seed pods sold to me as "reinwardtiana" and "tentaculata".