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Mystery dew

I have this little sundew that came up in my minor pot and I don't know what it is. I'm guessing D. graminifolia, but I'm not sure. Suggestions are welcome.

D.filiformis unless you have a D.graminifolia that has gone to seed in very close proximity. D.filiformis seems to magically pop up everywhere. D.graminifolia will also have more robust leaves.
It is highly unlikely to be a D. graminifolia seedling as the species appears to be self-incompatible and genetically different plants are needed to get seed. The majority of the plants in cultivation in the US are from tissue cultured plants from AgriStarts III in Florida. These were so numerous at one point many nurseries were giving them away as a bonus on your order.

All you need to do is look at the stipules around the growth point. Long, translucent papery tan (onion-skin) stipules = D. graminifolia. Search the forum. I posted photos before.
Agree with the rest D.filiformis