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Mystery aquatic utric for two

Hi there,

A recently set up outdoor tank has yielded seven or more no-id aquatic utric plants. A recent thus far non-successful attempt to sprout some other aquatic seeds has made me wonder if I had some tiny seed hitch-hikers. Of something else. Or who knows? Maybe netting out prey from other containers brought in tiny pieces of U. gibba or U. macrorhiza or maybe U. australis, though the last one seems unlikely. These are branching at a very small size, so I don't know. The whole photobucket thing makes me weary, and if I post a pic, it won't be a mystery, right?

Anyway, they seem to be easy growers, whatever they are. So if you want one, there are two available. These are small, but more than tiny threads, so live arrival should not be a problem. Providing they don't cook in the mail. Temps where I am now are reasonable, so it should be ok, I think.


Promise nothing to anyone, no pay it forward required. You can if you want, though.:)
If you have no aquatic utrics then this could be your first, and you would be less likely to say, darn, I already have this should that be the case...your call.
Postage on you, $3 regular post, $5.50 if you want Priority small box, and do specify which one you want, pmt via PP. Priority shipping may include extras.:)
Communication via email gnixon@satx.rr.com to the winners.
You can if you wish request pics via email... see above.
Post with numbers, you know the deal, first is one, etc., if more than two sign up, drawing by rng next Sunday.

1. Tanukimo
2. samolo
Do you have a picture?
Ok then, Tanukimo and Samolo, send along postage and I will mail out to you.
Received the plants today! Thank you so much!
Samolo, I mailed out your package today.
The package arrived. Thank you!